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Lucy Hale found cutting her long hair to be ‘liberating’

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Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale found cutting off her signature long brunette locks to be “liberating”.

The Katy Keene actress made the call to chop her hair shortly after Pretty Little Liars wrapped in 2017, and in an interview for the October 2021 issue of Shape magazine, she noted that she has never been tempted to go back to her old hairstyle.

“I know it sounds silly, but the first time I chopped my hair, it was liberating because my hair was a safety blanket in a way,” she commented. “I felt more beautiful with long hair. But by cutting it, I felt like I stepped into my own.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Lucy opened up about her fitness regime, and shared that she has recently committed to regular strength training and Pilates sessions. In fact, the star’s been doing so much exercise that she’s confident she could “kick someone’s a*s.”

“I’m five foot two, but I like to feel like a bada*s and to know that I could kick someone’s ass. So I do pull-ups and do squats with the big-boy weights. I even flipped one of those big tyres once. And I just discovered Pilates,” the 32-year-old continued. “My butt has never been higher, and my abs have never been stronger. Our bodies are so amazing and resilient, and we don’t give them enough credit. I spent much of my teen years and early 20s not loving my body and not being good to it. I’m trying to make up for that because we get only one body. We have to take care of our temple.”

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