“Mad About You”, the reboot that nobody asked for, is finally a go

“Mad About You”, the reboot that nobody asked for, is finally a go

Good news for fans of the Buchmans: MAD ABOUT YOU, the ’90’s sitcom about the daily foibles of newlyweds in New York City, finally has a home for its reboot.

The show, starring original cast members Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, has been picked up as a limited series for Spectrum Original (Charter Communication’s content wing) and will make its debut later this year.

When it aired, MAD ABOUT YOU was very successful, with Helen Hunt earning four Emmys for her portrayal of Jamie Buchman, and the show itself earning many award nominations. It was part of NBC’s “Must See TV” Thursday night programming powerhouse for two seasons, where such mega-hits as SEINFELD, FRIENDS and WILL AND GRACE found their stride. And while the ratings were never in the smash-hit territory, it was a show beloved by other TV people, which is probably a big reason why the reboot got the greenlight.

We’ve been inundated with reboots of beloved TV shows the past several years. Some good (WILL AND GRACE) and some bad (MURPHY BROWN), but this one has me scratching my head. Are we really this curious to see where the Buchmans are in 2019? I don’t think many people are clamoring to see this one. MAD ABOUT YOU was the Gap khaki pants of ’90’s television: They fit alright, but they’re kind of boring and don’t make any kind of statement.

Guess will find out whether or not the Buchmans have had an interesting go of it later this year…








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