Mama June’s coming back to TV, y’all!
Bradley Traynor

Mama June’s coming back to TV, y’all!

Just when you’d forgotten about Mama June, she’s coming back to TV!

You might remember the matriarch of viral reality hit “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” waned from the celebrity spotlight after controversy canceled the show. She allegedly re-kindled a relationship with the very man who went to jail for molesting her daughter.

Well, time has passed and WE TV is banking on the public’s short-term memory. The network announced “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” a purported makeover series of seven one-hour episodes documenting an apparent physical, emotional, and lifestyle transformation.

As the show is produced by Mama June’s manager, Gina Rodriguez (who also rep’d Farrah Abraham, Octomom, and Tan Mom…), I’m not holding out much hope for a quality show, much less quality transformation.

Don’t think that means I’m not going to watch it, though… 🙂

The series premieres in late February.



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