Mandy Moore’s marriage to Ryan Adams was a dark period in her life
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Mandy Moore’s marriage to Ryan Adams was a dark period in her life

Mandy Moore went through a “dark period” while she was married to ex-husband Ryan Adams.

The This Is Us star wed the rocker in 2009, but she admits she was never happy in the relationship, and as she tried to focus on her career, she lost her way a little.

“When I think back to that particular time period that we’re talking about… it was heavy,” she tells Bustle. “It was dark. It was confusing. It was lonely. There was no room for me. There was no room for me to have anything else in my life.”

The actress and singer, now 36, recently told the November (18) issue of Glamour magazine she wishes she hadn’t dived into marriage, noting it was a big mistake.

“(It was) not the smartest decision,” she said. “I didn’t choose the right person… (I was) spiritually and fundamentally stuck.”

Mandy and Ryan split in 2015 and officially divorced a year later, just before she landed her role in hit drama This Is Us, and her professional and personal life have been on an upswing ever since, especially now she is engaged to wed another musician, Taylor Goldsmith.

“Those monumental shifts in your life… they come at a big cost,” she continues. “It (divorce) wasn’t a decision that I made flippantly.”

“It’s no coincidence to me that once I did that hard work, life opened up in a way that I never could have expected,” she says. “Once I did that, it was like, the sun came back out again. In every respect, I felt like, ‘Oh, now I’m living the life that I’m supposed to be living’.”

She told Glamour that she’s convinced Taylor is her soulmate, and she had to go through one marriage to find him: “I can imagine no better partner…,” she told the publication. “I would gladly weather all of that a million times over if it brought me to Taylor again.”

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