Manuary 2016 had a surprise twist! It was down to Justin Baldoni (Rafael on "Jane the Virgin") versus Danny Suelter (Bartender extraordinaire at The Saloon) BOTH playing for Children's Cancer Research Fund. In a classy move Justin Baldoni conceded, giving all of his votes to Danny so The Saloon could match funds and allow Danny to win $4,500 for CCRF! Congrats again to the sweet, adorable and deserving Danny Suelter from Team Lori and Julia! Our thanks to the many, many new friends we met this year during Manuary, from fun local celebs to some simply amazing "regular guys". You were, and are, the epitome of kindness, generosity, humor and heart, everything we could hope for in a myTalk 107.1 Mr. Manuary candidate. Thank you, too, to Travel Leaders for presenting Manuary 2016.

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This year you choose between local celebrities and amazing regular guys nominated by you. Mr. Manuary should be funny, smart, involved with charities, handsome and deeply involved in the Twin Cities! The man YOU choose for the much sought-after title of "Mr. Manuary" will also win $2,000 for his favorite charity. (The runner-up will get $500.)


02/02/2016 06:00am - 02/03/2016 05:59am

Jon Perrone
Team Colleen & Bradley
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Nick Stalock
Team Colleen & Bradley
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