Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts in stores this December!
Bradley Traynor

Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts in stores this December!

I know I just gave up sugar for 30 days, but news that Maple Bacon flavored Pop-Tarts are about to be a thing deserves our undivided attention.

Along with four other flavors (mostly barfy), Pop-Tarts announced that Maple Bacon versions of their delicious toaster pastry will arrive on store shelves this December.

Says Pop-Tarts of their latest taste sensation:

“Maple and bacon-flavored filling in a golden crust, topped with sweet white frosting and salty and smoked flavored crunchlets.”

Get in mah belly! Look for these tasty yum yums on an upcoming episode of Colleen & Bradley’s Cheat Day Friday. After our #NoSugar30 challenge, of course.



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