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Marc Jacobs hopes post-op selfies will promote ‘transparency’ around facelift surgery

When: 01 Aug 2021

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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs hopes his post-op selfies will help to promote “transparency” around plastic surgery.

Last month, the fashion designer took to Instagram to upload several photos detailing his recovery following a visit to Dr. Andrew Jacono for a facelift.

While Jacobs has been candid about his use of Botox and other cosmetic procedures in the past, in an interview for, he explained that he chose to be open about his decision to go under the knife because he has “no shame in being vain”.

“I didn’t feel like I had to do this, but I feel like all of these conversations around ageing or around plastic surgery are just like any other conversations to me. The problem comes with the shame around them. And I don’t want to live my life with shame, you know?” he told the publication. “I find that the way I do that is by being open, transparent, and honest about things. Yes, I’m vain. I find there is no shame in being vain. I find there’s no shame in wanting attention. I find there’s no shame in getting dressed up and showing off a look.”

Jacobs went on to note that he believes external and internal wellness are equally important, and that he makes a point of practising self-care regularly, whether it be committing to a meditation session or booking in a manicure.

And he’s optimistic that discussing his own journey with cosmetic procedures will help others to feel more confident.

“It’s like everything now…to start a dialogue is really what it’s about. It’s just funny how many people responded to my posts in that way of like, ‘Thank you for your transparency, your transparency is everything.’ I think you just need to start a conversation, and then maybe that will have a resounding echo that helps people feel less ashamed,” the 58-year-old added.

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