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Mariah Carey shares title of upcoming children’s book

Mariah Carey Lighting Up The Empire State Building
Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has unveiled the title of her upcoming festive-themed children’s book.

The singer shared the cover art for the book, The Christmas Princess, via Instagram on Wednesday.

“The Christmas Princess is a fairytale for holiday lovers of all ages!” the All I Want for Christmas Is You hitmaker wrote in the caption. “Little Mariah represents my inner child believing in her own vision, she represents all children, especially those who feel like outsiders or ‘others’, striving to believe in themselves.”

She added that it was “empowering” to turn her “childhood turmoil” into a story “full of wonder and boundless hope.”

The five-time Grammy Award winner later told People that the book gives readers a chance to break out of the “bleakocity of the last year and a half” and escape to “an enchanted land”.

The children’s book is co-authored by Michaela Angela Davis and will be available to purchase from 25 October.

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