Mariah Carey takes us on a tour of her closet and it’s extra

Mariah Carey takes us on a tour of her closet and it’s extra

Noted Diva Mariah Carey is taking us on a tour of her massive closet inside her New York City triplex and it’s probably bigger than your house.

She invited Vogue cameras inside the space and gave them a guided tour of how she stores her belonging in only the way that Mimi can:

Some of the things we learn about Mariah in this video include:

  • Mariah has a TON of shoes, but she loves her Adidas shower slides
  • Floyd Mayweather gifted her a pink Hermes bag
  • She prefers sunglasses that don’t squeeze her “chipmunk” cheeks
  • Her prized possession is a grand piano that once belonged to Marilyn Monroe
  • She prefers to lounge around the house in lingerie, but bustiers are for “private times”

We’ve seen this closet before – it was famously featured in an episode of the classic MTV series, Cribs, which took us on a tour of her entire apartment. If you haven’t watched it, you really need to take a half hour out of your life to marvel in Ms. Carey’s luxury.

Here’s part 1:

And part 2:

Part 2 features one of my favorite diva moments ever: Mariah Carey working out on a stair climber in stiletto heels.




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