What is Mariah Carey’s real birthday? And do we care?

What is Mariah Carey’s real birthday? And do we care?

Happy 47th birthday, Mariah Carey!

Wait, you say that Mariah isn’t actually 47? Oh, well, one look at her Wikipedia page and you can see that she might be 47, she might be 48.  I suppose these details don’t matter to a woman who is “eternally oblivious” to her age and loves Hello Kitty more than your 10-year-old niece. Yahoo did a great investigation on “Mariah Birthday-gate,” concluding that she was most likely born in 1969, making her 48.

So, happy 48th birthday, Mariah!

I think.

But should we really care if Carey shaves off a year or two on her birthday? Plenty of celebrities have done it before.  I mean, do we REALLY think current DWTS darling Charo was born in 1951 (Wikipedia only lists her “legal birthday” and doesn’t say her age…) Check out a young-ish Charo singing on The Merv Griffith Show in 1966. If we are to believe her, she would have been 15 (or possibly 14) years old…

Yeah, probably not…

But does it really matter that we know one’s real age? What do you think? Should celebrities be honest about their birth date or do you think it’s just a number?



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