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Mark Hamill’s The Machine co-star recalls their drunken conversation on private jet

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Mark Hamill

Bert Kreischer has recounted a drunken conversation he had with his The Machine co-star Mark Hamill.

While chatting with Fox News at the premiere of his new movie The Machine, the 50-year-old comedian admitted he inundated his co-star Hamill with questions about Star Wars while talking “trash” with the sci-fi icon on a plane.

“It was crazy to get on a private jet with him to Serbia and sit down drunk and go, ‘All right, let’s talk trash. What’s Harrison Ford really like? Did Carrie Fisher party?'” Kreischer recounted. “Mark is so generous with his time, and he makes sure that he gives you everything you want and a little more.”

The Machine sees Kreischer starring as a fictionalised version of himself and Hamill in the role of his father, and the funnyman acknowledged it was “crazy” that Hamill agreed to play the part.

The plot is based on a story the comedian told early in his stand-up career about a college trip to Russia that involved partying, robbery and the Russian mafia.

The Machine is in cinemas now.

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