Mark Ruffalo’s lost wallet will restore your faith in humanity
Colleen Lindstrom

Mark Ruffalo’s lost wallet will restore your faith in humanity

Mark Ruffalo lost his wallet and his phone in the midst of the storm that’s been ravaging the East.

Two sweet young girls were walking home from school with their mom when they found the actor’s belongings. The girls didn’t know who Mark Ruffalo was, and they couldn’t unlock the phone to get the number, so they waited. And when a message arrived on the lock screen that contained a phone number, they called that number, and soon were in touch with the actor’s publicist who then sent the actor on a recovery mission.

And so, later on Saturday afternoon, Mark Ruffalo knocked on the Brown’s front door, and Amenaide and Catherine, the two young ladies who had found the wallet and phone, were able to return them to their famous owner. For their troubles, Mark Ruffalo awarded the girls $100 and were promised a picture of the Hulk, the Avengers character played by Ruffalo in the movie series. But what the girls got was something priceless. A memory that will last a lifetime, of the day that the famous guy came over to their house and took this awesome photo and tweeted it to his 2.15 million twitter followers. Awesome.



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