TBT: These photos are haunting me!
Marley McMillan

TBT: These photos are haunting me!

We ended up talking a lot about Throwback Thursday today, and partly because I discovered that my “foray into modeling” (not at all) has stood the test of time.

By that, I mean, many years ago, I was asked to model some sportswear for a company designing spandex for young girls playing hockey. They make under armour type clothing in fun patterns and colors.

It’s a great idea. I said yes.

I never knew that I would continue to see these photos for the rest of my life. LOL

  Not that I hate them or anything, it’s just hilarious that 1) I did this in the first place and 2) I had no idea that the company would use them for so long. I just found out that everyone playing in an upcoming national tournament this weekend received this flyer with my pic on it:


I guess all I can say is… I’m a model. I’m a real model.

Have you ever done something that unexpectedly affected you for the rest of time?! 🙂


PS: Tam pointed out that my eyes look crazy in the first picture, which someone on Twitter decided to run with. Thanks.

  PSS: Tam also said I looked like Charlize Theron from Monster:



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