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Matt Damon reveals how his wife helped him out of depressive spell

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Matt Damon

Matt Damon has revealed how his wife helped out of a depressive spell.

During an interview on Jake Take’s YouTube show, The Martian actor revealed he fell into a depression while making a movie he knew wasn’t going to work and his wife Luciana Barroso, 46, helped him put things into perspective.

“Without naming any particular movies… sometimes you find yourself in a movie that you know, perhaps, might not be what you had hoped it would be, and you’re still making it,” the Good Will Hunting actor explained. “And I remember halfway through production and you’ve still got months to go and you’ve taken your family somewhere, you know, and you’ve inconvenienced them, and I remember my wife pulling me up because I fell into a depression about like, what have I done?”

The 52-year-old revealed that Luciana helped him to realise he needed to make the best of the situation by simply telling him, “We’re here now”.

“It was like… I do pride myself, in a large part because of her, at being a professional actor and what being a professional actor means is you go and you do the 15-hour day and give it absolutely everything, even in what you know is going to be a losing effort,” Matt told the host. “And if you can do that with the best possible attitude, then you’re a pro, and she really helped me with that.”

Matt and Luciana tied the knot in 2005 after two years of dating and share three daughters: Isabella, 17, Gia, 14, and Stella, 12. The Oppenheimer star is also stepfather to Luciana’s first daughter, Alexia, 24.

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