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Matthew McConaughey admires Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone role

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Matthew Mcconaughey

Matthew McConaughey expressed admiration for Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone cowboy role.

The Academy Award Winner appeared in an episode of the Lex Fridman Podcast, which was released on Tuesday, where he discussed details of the highly acclaimed drama series.

“I admire the simplicity of it. One way you could explain Yellowstone and Costner’s role is what will men do to protect land and family in a world that Is trying to encroach,” the Interstellar actor said. “In a world where there’s a cowboy ethos that deems trespassing more clear earlier than other hats. I admire that simplicity of right and wrong.”

The host then brought up the fact that right and wrong “doesn’t always coincide with the law”, to which Matthew, 53, responded, “Nope, it’s above the law.”

“It’s a little bit of like, ‘If the law ain’t handling this, I am.’ And then it is, ‘The law’s not going to handle it, therefore I am.’ Then it’s ‘I’m handling this. The law? Talk to them when you get to them. I’m handling this,” Matthew added.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Media Network head Chris McCarthy confirmed that the Fool’s Gold actor is lined up to star in a Yellowstone spin-off after months of rumours.

Chris, nor Matthew, have revealed any details about the series or his role.

Additionally, it is rumoured that Kevin, who plays John Dutton, will be exiting the series due to alleged behind-the-scenes drama. Chris stated during the interview that the show “wouldn’t be what it is without Kevin”.

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