Mattura & Goude Family

A fire destroyed the Mattura / Goude family’s home while they were away for Thanksgiving.
The house is a total loss and unlivable.

Thanks to you –
THE most generous listeners in the world –
the family’s Go Fund Me page is over…


myTalk teamed up with Kris Lindahl and Groth Music in Bloomington to replace some of what they lost…

Liam’s Ludwig Centennial drum set (that he worked all summer at Burger King to buy…)
Nathan’s Alvarez bass guitar and Fender amp
Claudia and Nicholas, 2nd grade twins, a new laptop for homework
Ninah’s swim gear so she can rejoin her teammates on the Anoka High School team
Some clothes for Michelle and the kids

Watch the Facebook Live video:

Donate by clicking the Go Fund Me link below.