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Maya Hawke describes her family as the ‘indie Kardashians’

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Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke has described her famous family as the “indie Kardashians”.

While speaking to Variety for an interview published on Tuesday, the Stranger Things star revealed what it was like growing up with famous parents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.

“We’re like boring, indie Kardashians,” Maya joked to the outlet, before addressing accusations she’s received regarding nepotism. “The internet doesn’t have a lot of nuances. My dad has been a massive teacher for me, and we want to work together.”

She continued, “We like being with each other.”

The father-daughter duo recently worked together on the independent movie Wildcat, which the Gattaca star insisted was the 25-year-old’s idea.

“Put simply, I’m a nepo dad! And I’m not embarrassed about it,” Ethan joked about their collaboration. “If someone wants to criticize us for working together, that’s totally fair. You have to let people have their opinion. You just have to try to do a good job when you’re on stage.”

However, Maya admitted that she experienced “some moments of insecurity” during production because she was aware of how privileged she was to star in a movie directed and co-written by her famous father.

The Before Sunrise actor noted that Maya has earned her lead role by proving her acting abilities in films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Do Revenge, and Asteroid City.

“We could have done this (worked together) earlier but the temperature in the room changed because Maya now has every right to be the lead of something. It’s different than if she were 17. This movie is being financed because she’s in it, not because I’m directing,” he insisted, to which Maya replied, “Well… a little bit of both.”

Ethan and Uma were married from 1998 to 2005. They also share 21-year-old son Levon, who is also an actor.

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