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Mayim Bialik addresses SNL joke mocking her ‘undeniably Jewish’ nose

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Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik has spoken out about a Saturday Night Live joke which mocked her nose.

In an essay for Variety published on Wednesday, the Jeopardy! host reflected on a 1994 Saturday Night Live skit which parodied her sitcom Blossom.

“In the ‘90s, you had really ‘made it’ if SNL parodied your show. It meant you were a significant enough part of culture to merit that kind of mockery, and as an SNL fan for my entire life, I was so excited,” Mayim wrote. “And then I watched it.”

The skit parodied the show’s storylines about teenage sex, highlighted star Joey Lawrence’s catchphrase of “Whoa!”, and argued that then-14-year-old Mayim must be Jewish because of her nose.

“The actress portraying me was dancing and mugging for the camera and she was hilarious. But. She wore a prosthetic nose,” the actress continued in her essay. “In order to truly convey that she was Blossom, she wore a fake, big nose. I don’t know if it was significantly larger than my real nose and I don’t care to remember.”

She added, “I remember that it struck me as odd. And it confused me. No one else on the show was parodied for their features.

“In MAD magazine, everyone is caricatured, but in this rendition of parody, it was just me that was singled out. More specifically, it was my nose.”

Previously in the essay, Mayim recalled the “brutal” MAD magazine parody of Blossom which mocked her “in true MAD fashion” and made her cry.

“I never thought to talk about it and mostly I tried to forget it. I hoped no one noticed,” she said of the SNL skit. “All of my friends at high school watched SNL. It wasn’t subtle. They would all see it and I felt ashamed.”

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