Meet Bachelor Ben’s female contestants!
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Meet Bachelor Ben’s female contestants!

Chris Harrison

With the show set to kick off on January 4th at 7 pm CST on ABC, the newest batch of babes has arrived for our newest Bachelor Ben Higgins, and as always, they do not disappoint.

First, click here to look at all of the girls and their bios.

Here are a few of my instant takeaways:

  • There are four Laurens, including two Laura B.’s, and one Laura on this season. That’s going to go well.
  • There are two RETURNING contestants, meaning, from previous seasons. Amber and Becca, the runner-up on Chris Soules’ season, will both be back. Why? I don’t know. This is weird.
  • This is a portion of one contestant’s (Amanda) bio: “Do you have fear of aging, and are you doing anything to prevent it? Yes, I use an anti-aging skincare line, always wear sunscreen and get botox.” She’s 25.
  • There are twins on this season, Emily and Haley. Their occupation? “Twin.” LOL
  • Surprisingly, it looks like Maegan, occupation “Cowgirl,” might be the crazy one this season.
  • Tiara‘s occupation is a “chicken enthusiast.”

And those are the highlights! We’re going to have to wait until the new year, though, for the craziness to begin.

My picks to win? At this point, I’m a fan of Breanne, Olivia and Lace.

Who are your favorites and least favorites at this point?

Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for info on how to play along with our fantasy league!


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