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Melanie Griffith covers up tattoo dedicated to Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith Leaves The Gym In Beverly Hills
Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith has covered up the tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband Antonio Banderas.

The 65-year-old actress, who was spotted in Los Angeles on Monday, appears to have covered up the tattoo she got in honour of her then-husband.

Since the nineties, the Working Girl star has had the Spanish actor’s name inside a heart-shaped outline tattooed on her upper arm.

Melanie has replaced the famous ink with a crossword-style tattoo featuring the names of her children Alexander Bauer, Dakota Johnson and Stella Banderas as well as her stepson Jesse Johnson.

Melanie began the process of getting the tattoo removed years ago and was previously seen with no name inside the heart shape.

Melanie and Antonio originally met in 1989 but they weren’t romantically linked until they worked alongside each other on the 1995 screwball comedy Two Much.

The pair tied the knot in 1996 and welcomed their daughter Stella, 26, later that year. The Lolita actress filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage in 2014.

The former couple appear to have remained close since their divorce. In 2019, The Mask of Zorro actor told People, “Melanie is not my wife anymore, but I think she is my best friend… I love her and will love her until the day I die. She’s my family.”

Melanie shares Dakota, 33, with her ex-husband Don Johnson and Alexander, 37, with her former spouse Steven Bauer.

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