Behold our honest Christmas letter!!!
Donna Valentine

Behold our honest Christmas letter!!!

Donna Marley Tam Red Nose Day

A couple weeks ago we discussed the current state of the Christmas card and holiday letter. We decided that we don’t want any letters bragging about kids, or telling us how great your life is. We want to know what’s really going on! We want to know the dirt!

So we’ll set the example. Behold, our honest Christmas letter.

2015 started out with our new all-female show here on My Talk 1071. Think Scary Spice, Baby Spice, and Old Spice. We’ll let you figure out who’s who.

Marley Tam Donna

This year Donna got a flat tire, her mom died and her dog tore apart her house….several times. Donna’s had numerous pets with emotional issues, but let’s be real, what’s the common denominator here?

I mean, she did just pick up a guy at her mom’s funeral. #ProperLady

Tam promised to: take piano lessons, get a job as an Uber driver, decorate her Christmas tree before Thanksgiving and get married before the end of the year. So far she’s 0/4.

Tam met a nice guy as part of myTalk 107.1’s “Mystery Date.” That union lasted about 4 hours. #LongTerm

Tam Mystery Date guys

Tam and her mystery guys!

Marley, Tam & Donna

Marley, Tam and “There’s Something About Mary” star, Donna!

Tam and Marley started a non-slob regime wherein they attempted to actually shower and comb their hair before coming to work. That lasted less than Tam’s Mystery Date.

Then mice started popping all over Tam’s kitchen. Gross.

Tam discovered that Donna snores. Donna discovered that Tam snores. Marley knew it the whole time #ProjectDownandDirty

Donna Marley Tam Project Down & Dirty

Donna, Marley & Tam raising money for Project Down & Dirty!

Marley started a strict holiday diet of Egg Nog and Christmas cookies, despite hating Christmas music and taking up the post of official show Grinch. She’s currently sweating egg nog.

From our show to you, Merry F@*&%$!* Christmas and have a happy new year. Cheers.

If you have an honest Christmas letter to share, email us at our showpage!


Donna, Marley & Tam






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