Meryl Streep a big fan of ‘A Star is Born’
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Meryl Streep a big fan of ‘A Star is Born’

Meryl Streep is raving about Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut “A Star is Born”, insisting he has done a wonderful job.

The movie great recently saw the film, in which Cooper and Lady Gaga play unlikely lovers, and admits she thought it was a masterpiece.

“It’s so breezily shot. It’s not actor shot,” she explains. “(Some) actors who direct give the actors too much air. They don’t cut as brutally as you need to in order to move the story. To them, the character is more interesting than the forward movement of the narrative.

“But Bradley kept it moving. (It’s) brilliant.”

Streep admits Gaga’s role as a struggling singer, who has been told too many times she doesn’t fit, reminded her of her start in the business.

“There was no way I was gonna be a film actor, never… My nose was too big… I so related to that (A Star is Born).”

And Meryl told comedian Stephen Colbert during a panel chat on Saturday (01Dec18), she still can’t believe she was so troubled about her looks when she was younger, adding, “I’ll come upon a movie, and I’m in it, and I’m really young and very beautiful, and I’ll think, ‘I was so unhappy, I thought my nose was too big, I thought I was fat…’

“I’ll think, ‘What was I thinking?’ Every woman in this room thinks about her weight, if only it were 10 pounds less. We are so judged by how we look… We inevitably allow ourselves to be the object of, ‘What should I wear tonight? Is my hair clean?’ You think about these things. Men do not think about these things.”

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