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Michael Cera recalls Rihanna hitting him while filming This Is the End

The 2018 Tony Awards
Michael Cera

Michael Cera has reflected on acting alongside Rihanna in the 2013 comedy This Is the End.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone, the 35-year-old actor recalled the Umbrella singer slapping him around the face for real after his character hit her butt.

“I thought it would look a lot better if she hit me. I don’t think it took much convincing to get her to do it,” the Superbad star told the magazine. “I just thought it would look a lot better than a fake slap would because you can really feel it. It just looks a lot funnier!”

The Juno star claimed he doesn’t regret the decision and that the real slap ended up being used in the final cut.

“I was into it,” Michael admitted. “The take that is in the movie, she really did hit my ear, which was disorienting. But I have no regrets. I didn’t lose any hearing over it, fortunately!”

In the movie, Michael and Rihanna both played fictional versions of themselves and appeared during a star-studded party at James Franco’s house. The apocalypse begins during the party and fictional Michael is impaled on a lamppost while fictional Rihanna falls down a sinkhole.

Michael recently had a cameo in the sixth season of Black Mirror, playing an incarnation of himself in the Joan Is Awful episode alongside Salma Hayek and Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy.

He is also set to make an appearance in the upcoming Barbie film, which rolls into cinemas on 21 July.

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