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Michael Sheen once spent New Year’s Eve alone after getting kicked out of party

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Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen once spent New Year’s Eve walking alongside a motorway after getting kicked out of a party.

During an appearance on the New Year’s Eve edition of The Graham Norton Show, the Welsh actor explained that he used to ring in the New Year at a party thrown by the youth theatre he attended as a youngster. However, the organisers of the group weren’t impressed when he tried to join in the festivities when he was older and they told him to leave the bash.

“I had always done youth theatre so from the age of 13 I was there every New Year’s Eve,” he shared. “When I was about 20 it came to the evening, and I didn’t know what to do so went back to celebrate with everyone but when it got to ten to midnight, they asked me to leave because I wasn’t on the course. So, I spent New Year’s Eve walking along the M4 motorway trying to get home!”

The Good Omens star appeared on the show to promote his new film, Last Train to Christmas, in which his character Tony Towers finds himself able to travel through time as he moves between the carriages of his train to Nottingham.

Explaining why he signed up for the project, Sheen said, “I have always wanted to do a time travel film and I love trains, so it ticks all the boxes! I get to play millions of versions of myself – I actually lost count!”

Last Train to Christmas is on Sky Cinema now.

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