Mila Kunis just said WHAT about Ashton Kutcher’s manhood?!
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Mila Kunis just said WHAT about Ashton Kutcher’s manhood?!

Mila Kunis has compared her husband Ashton Kutcher’s manhood to both a carrot stick and a beer can.

The 32-year-old actress appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday night alongside her Bad Moms co-star Christina Applegate, and took part in a game called Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.

The premise of the quiz was to either answer a question or eat one of the disgusting options on the table, which included cow tongue, calf brain and clam juice.

Mila was up first, with host James flashing a cheeky grin as he asked her: “Ashton Kutcher, carrot stick or beer can?”

Quickly realizing what James was referring to, Mila broke into hysterics and placed her head in her hands before she proceeded to answer the question.

Answering carrot stick at first because she was thinking of beer cans as “short and stubby”, James clarified that the cans he was referring to are long and full, to which the actress laughed: “Oh beer can, beer can! I’m thinking short and stubby but no… like a Guinness.”

Christina was up next, and was asked by Mila: “What annoys you the most about me?”

Playing it safe, considering the pair has a lot of press to do together in the coming weeks, Christina replied: “You know what annoys me about you the most? Your gorgeous eyes. She’s so beautiful!”

After James was asked a question, he then moved onto Mila, giving her the option of eating the cow tongue or explaining the plot of her 2015 movie Jupiter Ascending – as well as answering why she signed up for the critically panned project.

Mila gave the answer a shot, starting, “You know, it’s about human desire to…”, before realizing she had no chance and choosing instead to take a bite of the rubbery tongue.

She wasn’t the only player who had to eat a disgusting offering, after Christina asked James who his least favorite participant of his Carpool Karaoke sketch was.

Choosing to forgo the answer, James chowed down on some calf brain, with Mila exclaiming: “This is the best game ever!”


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