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Mila Kunis waited 14 hours in the rain for COVID vaccine

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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was so desperate to get vaccinated against COVID-19, she waited 14 hours in the rain for a standby line shot.

The Bad Moms star, who shares two children with her husband and former That 70’s Show castmate Ashton Kutcher, wasn’t eligible for the jab in Los Angeles until 15 April – when the state of California made vaccines available to everyone aged 16 and older, but Mila didn’t want to wait and joined thousands of other ‘vaccine chasers’ trying to score spare shots left over at the end of the day that might otherwise have to be disposed of.

“I’m not going to lie, when the vaccines came out, I had no shame and stood in lines all round L.A. trying to get a leftover vaccine,” she laughed on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Friday.

While she accomplished her mission in a comparatively short two days, the queues were very long.

“It (first day) was 12 hours,” she shared, recalling: “One day it was 14 hours. Yep. In the rain. I was like, ‘People aren’t going to show up (for their appointments)’. I was wrong.”

And though it’s unclear whether Ashton joined her in line, Mila confirmed her man has also received the jab.

“We’re still in a pandemic but we’re vaccinated, so we got out into the world,” she smiled.

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