Miley Cyrus talks pasties, her pig and the VMAs on Kimmel
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Miley Cyrus talks pasties, her pig and the VMAs on Kimmel

Miley Cyrus’ interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night is not to be missed.

The 22-year-old singer is just as famous for her provocative outfits and behavior as she is for her music, posing for countless revealing photoshoots in the last year which leave little to the imagination.

Miley doesn’t even cover up for big events, such as encountering former Beatles musician Paul McCartney wearing a breast-baring dress with pink hearts covering her nipples.

“I did the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Joan Jett, I inducted her, and I was there and we were talking to Paul McCartney and I saw him not knowing how to talk to me, which I don’t really know how to talk to Paul McCartney, so it made me very comfortable,” she grinned to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “Because it made him more uncomfortable. So sometimes it is a nice convo ice breaker. You can just be like, ‘Stop staring at my t**s,’ and then they convo just keeps going.”

Even Jimmy admitted to feeling embarrassed when the star stepped out in front of the audience wearing an open cloak with sequined nipple tassels on. Attempting to help, Miley recommended the host look at her eyebrows rather than getting distracted by her chest.

Jimmy himself has a 23-year-old daughter, Katie, so wondered how Miley’s famous dad Billy Ray Cyrus feels about his offspring showing off her assets.

“My dad doesn’t know how to turn on the TV, he’s a cave man. You know what, my dad is actually… My dad’s cool, I’m sure he’d maybe rather me not have me with my t**s out all the time but he’d rather me have my t**ts out and be a good person than rather have a shirt on and be a b****h,” she reasoned.

She also pointed out that people aren’t actually afraid of the human breast, but rather the nipple. This led her to support the Free The Nipple campaign, challenging censorship and public nudity laws in the US.

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