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Millie Bobby Brown no longer believes the Earth is flat

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Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown has confirmed that she no longer believes the Earth is flat.

Back in 2018, when she was only 14 years old, the Stranger Things star told her fans during an Instagram Live Q&A session that she had seen a conspiracy theory video and now considers herself “a flat-earther”.

During an appearance on Vanity Fair’s lie detector test video series on Thursday, the interviewer brought up her comments and Millie stifled a laugh and replied, “Unfortunately, yes I did.”

When she was asked if she still believed the Earth is flat, Millie stated “no” and the lie detector monitor confirmed she was telling the truth.

However, she then added, “Although I’ve never seen the… you know when you’re on a plane, sometimes you can see it, the curve? I’ve not seen that yet.”

The lie detector examiner intervened, saying, “You’ve seen satellite pictures, right?” to which Millie said, “I have. I have, yeah, thanks, Judd.”

In 2018, the British actress told her fans that she didn’t believe the Earth is a rotating spherical globe.

“Guys, there are so many facts that it’s flat. I mean, think about it, like, think about it! Guys, you don’t even know… I think I am a, what do they call it?… I think they call it a flat-earther,” she said, before responding to people’s comments. “Everybody’s saying the Earth is not flat. How. Do. You. Know?!”

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