Minnesota’s Animal Humane Society heads to TX!
Bradley Traynor

Minnesota’s Animal Humane Society heads to TX!

On Wednesday’s show we spoke with Animal Humane Society CEO, Janelle Dixon, about her organization’s work helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey and its floodwaters.

Janelle told us about the Minnesotans heading to Texas to help.

She also explained how AHS does work year round to help companion animals right here in the Twin Cities.

As a former Texan and now proud Minnesotan, it’s been incredibly heartening to see a number of Minnesotans heading south to help. Texas is big, but thankfully so are Minnesotans’ hearts.

To learn more about AHS and how you can help support their work, listen to the interview below.

And visit them online at https://animalhumanesociety.org.



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