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Minnie Driver was once mistaken for Mariah Carey by Stevie Wonder’s partner

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Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver has recalled how she was once mistaken for Mariah Carey by Stevie Wonder’s partner.

During an interview for BBC’s Friends Will Be Friends with Cat & Edith, the actress shared a story about the time when she was walking through The Grove shopping centre in Los Angeles when she spotted the iconic musician.

“I’d just come from a photoshoot where they’d done a particularly big hair on me, I was going along and I suddenly passed Stevie Wonder and his girlfriend and his security guard,” she recounted. “My heart stopped because I’d walked by him, and I don’t ever do this, but I went back and I started gushing. I couldn’t get the words out (but I was saying), ‘No one’s ever meant so much to me.’ And I was just gushing at Stevie Wonder.”

However, Minnie was left red-faced when Stevie’s partner introduced her as Mariah.

“He was smiling and he was so sweet, and the security was smiling – very sweet – and then I finished talking and his girlfriend went, ‘Stevie, it’s Mariah Carey.’ And I went, ‘What? No, I’m not, gosh no.’ I was horrified. I was so embarrassed and I did not know what I was supposed to say. So, I was just like, ‘I love you, goodbye!’ and I scurried off,” the 52-year-old sighed.

Minnie didn’t name Stevie’s partner, but he has been married to Tomeeka Bracy since 2017.

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