Molly’s Bourbon Slush Recipe!
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Molly’s Bourbon Slush Recipe!

Molly’s Bourbon Slush
(Herrmann Bourbon)
Makes about quarts (approx. 100 6oz servings)
2 qts thyme infused black tea (see recipe below)
1.5 L OJ
1.5 L lemonade
1 L bonded bourbon
8 dashes Bittercube Trinity Bitters
8 ct Ginger Beer (I recommend Cock & Bull Ginger Beer)
Thyme Infused Tea
2 qts water
1/2C loose leaf black tea
1C granulated sugar
1 large bunches fresh thyme
-bring water to a boil; remove from heat
-stir in sugar until dissolved
-add tea + thyme; allow to steep at least 10 minutes, but no more than 20 minutes
-mix all into a large 10 qt or other large freezer safe vessel (or several smaller ones; gallon freezer bags work, too!)
-mix thoroughly
-cover and freeze at least 2 days ahead
To serve
-stir/force into submission the slushy mix until appropriate consistency (the booze part will be liquid, the juice will have frozen
-scoop 2-4oz into cup
-top with ginger beer

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