My mom is staying in Florida for Hurricane Irma!
Bradley Traynor

My mom is staying in Florida for Hurricane Irma!

Jamie, me, Janet (sis), Elaine (mom), Lily (niece)

We caught up with my mom Friday afternoon to find out how she and her husband are doing in advance of Hurricane Irma’s arrival.

They live in Naples, Florida and have decided to stay in their home.

Other than getting the house in order and filling things with water, the only thing on their schedule are a couple hurricane parties.

Apparently, it’s pretty common for people to party before a hurricane and use up all the food that’s likely to spoil if they lose electricity.

The storm is set to come ashore sometime Saturday, so it goes without saying I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to the TV, as well as texting regularly with the family.

Fingers crossed for everyone facing Irma’s wrath. Including my mom and her husband.



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