More VMAs fallout: Did Pink just diss Demi Lovato?
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More VMAs fallout: Did Pink just diss Demi Lovato?


Pink thinks the whole world is “waiting for a fight.”

The musician caused a stir when it was reported she made some comments about Sunday night’s MTV VMAs on her private Instagram account. According to sources, she wrote a post that commented she felt “embarrassed” and that the songs of today don’t inspire people.

Demi Lovato, who performed at the awards ceremony, took it to heart and defended herself on Twitter earlier today, posting: “Cool For The Summer may not “save kid’s lives” or “inspire” but I’d say Skyscraper & Warrior have done a pretty good job of helping people… cope with mental illness. VMA’s are sexy and fun. There’s a time and place for everything. (sic)”

Pink has now responded, explaining that she was never out to attack anyone.

“You know, this is part of why I’m sad about the VMas and the world in general. Everyone is so nasty and waiting for a fight. I never said…

“Anything about Demi Lovato or called out anyone. I was talking to a friend in response to his disappointment about the show. I agree w him.

“You can make this into whatever you like, cause that’s who we are now, I guess. I’m out (sic),” she tweeted.

It seems the issue is really playing on the 35-year-old’s mind, as she’d already explained herself yesterday, saying she wasn’t targeting Demi and she’d “forgotten” the 23-year-old had even performed.

Demi is yet to respond to Pink’s latest tweets.

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