My kingdom for a pint of Frusen Glädjé!
Bradley Traynor

My kingdom for a pint of Frusen Glädjé!

On today’s Colleen & Bradley show, we walked down childhood treat memory lane, bemoaning the passing of some of our tasty favorites.

Vienetta, Planters Cheese Balls, Ecto Cooler, just to name a few.

And then, there was Frusen Glädjé.

That vaguely Swedish, kinda-sounds-like-Häagen-Dazs-y frozen dessert seemed absolutely luxurious and exotic.

And before the world was full of every flavor and style of ice cream, custard, froyo, and gelato, Frusen Glädjé stood out.

Now it just stands out as a distant memory. A kitschy antique from the land of the 80s.

Don’t think for one moment if it was still on freezer shelves I wouldn’t run right out and pick up a pint of butter pecan.



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