My latest YouTube obsession: Cooking with Dog!
Bradley Traynor

My latest YouTube obsession: Cooking with Dog!

YouTube is my happy place. Whether I’m bored, stressed, or otherwise clicking aimlessly through the Interwebs, I can always count on YouTube to waste countless minutes, sometimes hours of my life. And by waste I mean comfort, educate and/or titillate. Not necessarily in that order.

My latest YouTube obsession? Cooking with Dog.

Fear not. Not cooking with actual dog. Cooking with a dog as the host. Francis. The most adorable poodle ever. Together with a Japanese host, the duo cook some of the most delicious and fun-to-make Japanese dishes.

If you need  to while away a few minutes of your workday, check out Cooking with Dog. Who knows, you might even find yourself trying to make a few of the recipes.







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