myTalk 107.1 Roundtable Discussion: Addiction in the Headlines
Colleen Lindstrom

myTalk 107.1 Roundtable Discussion: Addiction in the Headlines

Often what we cover on myTalk 107.1, and the Colleen and Bradley show can be construed as frivolous musings on Entertainment and Celebrity. Occasionally, the landscape of Entertainment walks us down a path that requires us to take a deeper, more intricate look at LIFE. That’s why we have created the myTalk Roundtable Discussions.

When the topic warrants, we call on experts in the related field, and hear their perspective.

Today, during the noon hour of Colleen and Bradley, we spoke with Dr. Emily Brunner from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a doctor who deals specifically with addiction, and is an expert on opioid addiction. This type of addiction has seen an increase in recent years, and especially in the past few weeks as news of yet another celebrity death with likely ties to opioid drug use has made headlines.

Dr. Brunner helped listeners understand better the myriad of facets that they take into account in a recovery program for opioid addiction and what the physiological consequences of such an addiction are.

In the second hour of the program, we focused on giving people the time to tell their stories so we could all learn from all the ways that addiction has touched people’s lives.

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