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Naomi Campbell sacrificed finding ‘soul mate’ for fashion career

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Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is certain her hectic fashion career has cost her the chance to find a “soul mate”.

Discovered at the age of 15, the British supermodel established herself amongst the most recognisable and in-demand models of the late 1980s, and continues to dominate the industry.

But in a recent interview with The Cut, Naomi revealed that she believes her work commitments impacted her personal relationships.

“I’d say the sacrifice is really finding that soul mate who will understand you. It’s really like you feel if they look at you as if you’re strong … you know, I’m strong, but I’m also sensitive. I know that in relationships I have to compromise,” she shared. “I don’t have a problem looking at myself in the mirror anymore and facing and owning who I am. A for sure when I was younger, I wasn’t always using it in the right way. It takes growth.”

Previously, Naomi dated the likes of U2 bassist Adam Clayton, Formula One boss Flavio Briatore, and Russian businessman Vladislav Doronin.

The star, who announced the birth of her daughter in May, is believed to be single at present.

Yet, she emphasised that she can call on any member of her circle of friends whenever she needs.

“I’ve had extremely long friendships that are still very present in my life to this day – 30, 33, 35 years on. I’m grateful for those people in my life. They know me better than anyone,” the 51-year-old mused. “I’m grateful for my mother and our closeness and her understanding.”

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