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Naomi Watts struggled not to laugh during The Watcher scenes with Jennifer Coolidge

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Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts found it hard to keep a straight face during her scenes with Jennifer Coolidge in The Watcher.

In the new Netflix series, Watts and Bobby Cannavale play a married couple who, after moving into their dream home in New Jersey, are sent a series of letters signed by a stalker named The Watcher.

Coolidge takes on the part of realtor Karen Calhoun, and in an interview for Access Hollywood, Watts confessed that she found it hard to act opposite The White Lotus star because she has such great comedic timing.

“The hardest part about working with her is trying not to break apart,” she sighed.

And Margo Martindale, who plays Maureen / Mo, echoed the sentiment.

“Don’t put me in a scene with her again, I said, because nobody is looking at me,” the actress recalled of telling the miniseries’ co-creator Ryan Murphy.

As for Coolidge, she had a great time on set as she was already familiar with the real-life story.

“When Ryan called me up offering the job he said maybe two lines and I said, ‘Ryan, I know the story!'” she exclaimed.

The Watcher, also featuring Richard Kind and Mia Farrow, is now streaming.

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