NBC’s ‘Timeless’ is a pretty awesome sci fi romp!
Bradley Traynor

NBC’s ‘Timeless’ is a pretty awesome sci fi romp!

I wasn’t overly optimistic about NBC’s time-traveling TV show at first. A network show where people go back in time to change history or prevent it from being changed sounded pretty cliche. And tired. And probably boring because it’s on network TV.

Turns out I was wrong.

Really wrong.

“Timeless” does involve going back in time and trying to change stuff, but in a smart, plausibly scientific way, while at the same time stuffed full of drama and plot twists. At the end of Monday night’s pilot, I was left thinking about where the show was going and when I could watch the next episode. Two things critical for a new series.

I’m all in.

If it lives up to the promises proffered in the pilot, we’re in for a pretty awesome season.



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