Necessary or Unnecessary: MTV is bringing back “Total Request Live”

Necessary or Unnecessary: MTV is bringing back “Total Request Live”

As I always like to say: Another day, another reboot.

This time, it comes courtesy of former keeper-of-the-teen culture MTV, which announced today that they’re bringing back their classic after-school countdown show Total Request Live this October. The reboot comes complete with a Times Square-facing studio, but no Carson Daly.

TRL, as the kids called it, was the go-to place to see celebrity interviews, music performances and actual music videos (image that…) The original version ran for 10 years and became one of the leading barometers of pop culture. You hadn’t really made it until your video was retired on TRL. A lot has changed in the music business since the show last aired in 2008, so it will be interesting to see how a new generation interprets the classic music countdown format.

But really, the news of the new TRL is really just an excuse for me to go down the YouTube nostalgia rabbit hole and relive my high school days…

Remember when Eminem was throwing pop culture under the bus?

Or how about Mariah Carey letting it all hang out, pre-Glitter breakdown?

Oh, the days when Jesse Camp (remember JESSE CAMP?!) was a legitimate VJ…

OMG you guys, it’s *NSYNC!!!!!!!!!! You know you practiced the choreography in your living room, admit it.

AND OMG, it’s the Backstreet Boys!!!!!!

And don’t mess with Tiffany, super BSB fan. She’ll kill you. Boyband fandom was SERIOUS BUSINESS back in the day.

Lauren is not here for your death threats, Tiffany.




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