Need streaming ideas? So do I.
Bradley Traynor

Need streaming ideas? So do I.

Summer travel is a great time for streaming. There are so many series/shows I want to watch and a few hours in the car or on a plane or sitting in an airport is the perfect time to finally cross some of that stuff off my list.

If you’re like me, however, you’ll find yourself flipping through Netflix the day before you travel, trying to remember what that one show was your best friend told you to watch.

Shall we help each other out? How about I give you a few great things to stream/binge and you return the favor?

Great Summer Streaming Ideas

Wild Wild Country
This documentary will blow you away. Especially if, like me, you’re mildly cult-obsessed. You’ll learn a whole lot of history you never knew and I’m pretty sure your mouth will be on the floor throughout.

The Crown
If you love history, drama, the royal family, or just want to see Matt Smith act in a role other than Doctor Who, you should watch The Crown. It’s a beautifully shot story that’s told deliciously. And Claire Foy will become your new favorite actress.

Chewing Gum
I haven’t laughed this hard at a TV show since the last season of Broad City. If you have a slightly warped sense of humor, prepare to cackle aloud on your couch.

Hope these ideas help you get through the streaming days of summer! Leave your suggestions in the comments.



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