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Need to know: Eyelid hygiene

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In this mask-wearing world we now find ourselves in, our eyes have never been more prominent.

We can ditch blusher and lipstick, but a good mascara or trusty set of false lashes are our beauty best friend.

Dr. Elizabeth Hawkes, consultant ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon, is now urging us not to just make our eyes look pretty, but to take better care of their health. And she is adamant improving day-to-day eye health is as simple as lid hygiene.

“We call cleaning your lids properly lid hygiene,” she smiled. “In between your lids, where you put eyeliner on, you have glands that secrete the oily layer of your tear film so when you put make-up on they’re very prone to getting clogged, and you can get blepharitis, chronic inflammation.

“You just have to clean your lids morning and night with warm water in a specific way. For the upper lids, get a cotton pad – warm water from the tap is absolutely fine – and just press down for the upper lids, and press up for the lower lids. And that’s a way of opening up the glands and cleaning them. Like you brush your teeth, clean your eyes. That will keep the eyes healthy, improve the secretion.”

Dr. Hawkes, of London’s Cadogan Clinic, insists donning your favourite sunglasses can help too.

“Sunglasses because UV rays are damaging to the eye,” she said, adding: “SPF around the skin are good ways of keeping eyes healthy.”

Lastly, be gentle when touching your eyes and the area around them – and always have clean hands.

“You’ve got to be careful with touching your eyes. Just wash your hands – there’s anti-bac gel everywhere now. Try not to rub your eyes,” she stated.

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