I Need to Visit Shanghai Disneyland ASAP!

I Need to Visit Shanghai Disneyland ASAP!

True Confession: I’m a theme park lover that experiences massive motion sickness. Looking at a Tilt-a-Whirl makes me throw up in my mouth a little.


I feel gross sitting in the passenger seat of a car driving down the block to the gas station. I once broke out in a cold sweat riding the Ladybug Express around Rosedale Center.


Dear God, help me.

But for some reason, I’m always ready and willing to rally my stomach for adventures in a Disney theme park. I LOVE Disneyland and used to frequent the parks when I lived in Los Angeles.


Just hanging with Goofy and my sister, NBD.


Pro Tip: Don’t ride the Tower of Terror after four Mad Hatter-tinis or you’ll look like this.

So being the Disney fan that I am, I was stoked to look at all the pictures from Shanghai Disneyland, the company’s latest theme park venture and its first in mainland China that’s opening on Thursday. This park looks legit, and it better be after the company plonked down $5.5 billion to make it! Disney made the effort to merge its own brand of whimsy and fantasy with Chinese culture. It seems like they’ve pulled it off, and the company is hoping that Shanghai Disneyland will not become another Disneyland Paris. Check out all the attractions at the park here or by clicking on the tweet below!

Would you visit Shanghai Disneyland? I’ll see you on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run! What motion sickness? 🙂



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