Nelly, TLC, and NKOTB!
The Jason & Alexis Show

Nelly, TLC, and NKOTB!

Last night for 4 hours it was like I was in High School Again!

Nelly opened the show and a flood of memories came back! I had forgotten all the hits Nelly had.

There was not a lot of filler, just great song after great song!

TLC was up next. Same thing all their greatest hits. They did not sing live, but who cares, just hearing those great songs was enough for me.

Then the “Main Event” was NKOTB! \These guys have been performing together for a long time, and it showed. The dancing was so in sync, and they were having fun with each other on stage. After all these years, they still have great chemistry.

The crowd went nuts when the band went under the stage for a costume change, and we got to see them strip to their boxers. Colleen Lost her Marbles!

What did you think about the Show?



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