Nerd Alert: Disney working on original ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray?
Bradley Traynor

Nerd Alert: Disney working on original ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray?

Sounds like Disney is finally working on releasing an original, unaltered 1977 theatrical version of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray.

But wait! Isn’t there already one, you ask? No. The closest thing we have is a box set of the complete series that includes the 1997 theatrical releases of the original trilogy. Those versions, you may remember, were filled with added CGI effects and changes George Lucas thought added to the films. In most cases, I’d say they detract from the films and look pretty clunky almost 20 years on.

That was my feeling anyway after sitting down and re-watching The Empire Strikes Back last week on the heels of Star Wars Day. I found myself Googling to see if an un-edited version of the original theatrical release was available. Turns out the answer is no. For now.

According to sources at, Disney is working on bringing the originals back to our big little screens in the near future, possibly before the release of Episode VII.

Disney, you’re our only hope.



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