Netflix confirms ‘House of Cards’ Spin-off
Colleen Lindstrom

Netflix confirms ‘House of Cards’ Spin-off

For ‘House of Cards’ fans, we all came to a crossroads where we had to decide whether we were going to continue with the show after word of the sexual misconduct allegations against the star, Kevin Spacey. The fact is, the show is good, but it became difficult to watch it knowing that the star had acted so inappropriately. Netflix made the decision for us when they decided to cancel the Netflix Original series.

Today, we learned that it was not only sexual misconduct that plagued the set with the star Kevin Spacey. Allegations that he used racist language and acted with hostility toward minority staff members have surfaced.

The good news for fans is this, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has confirmed that there is a spin-off in the works. We have no information as to how they will execute the spin-off, but this is likely good news for the scores of people who lost their jobs when the show was canceled after Kevin Spacey was let go from his role. Now, we wait…



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