New film “In Search of Greatness” is GREAT
Marley McMillan

New film “In Search of Greatness” is GREAT

The upcoming documentary “In Search of Greatness” is in fact, great itself.

I was able to catch a screening of the film at the Walker Art Center on Wednesday, and this film blew me away.

In it, Director Gabe Polsky (Red Army) explores what it takes to become a groundbreaking athlete, but even more so, a revolutionary in any field. What makes these people — Albert Einstein, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams — different than anyone else? What qualities do they share?

The film also explores how kids are growing up differently these days, and whether this type of greatness will continue to be achieved.

“In Search of Greatness” will certainly resonate with athletes, but it is really about the human experience. What drives a person? How does anyone achieve their full potential? These are themes we are all accustomed to facing.

The film hits theaters on November 2. Listen to the full review below!



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