These new HBO shows are getting me all excited!

These new HBO shows are getting me all excited!

Summer is unofficially over (I say this because I still grasp onto the season with my cold, steely hands – It ain’t over until September 22nd, so be quiet, Labor Day!) and that means I can watch TV guilt-free once again. When the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, like any good Minnesotan, I fee like every moment I spend inside on a clear day between June and August is a wasted opportunity for precious vitamin D. But now I can go back into my hermit hole and watch all the great new TV offerings HBO has to offer without feeling that I’m neglecting my health. Here some some of the network’s fall/winter season offerings that are getting me all sorts of excited.

Up first is the comedy High Maintenance. Based on a You Tube series-turned Vimeo series-turned HBO series, the show follows The Guy, a Brooklyn pot dealer with a diverse clientele. The web series, which is available on HBO Now, is told in 5-15 minute stories, usually centering on a particular client. DO NOT be deterred by the subject matter. This show is not so much about using drugs as it is a character study of New York City and its inhabitants. It’s one of the best, and most human, things I’ve watched in a while.

High Maintenance starts September 16th.

SJP is BACK, y’all and it’s about time. The original HBO star (Carrie Bradshaw, people) is gracing our small screens once again in Divorce, a dark comedy about, well, divorce. The cast is amazing: Not only does it star Sarah Jessica Parker, but Thomas Haden Church and Molly Shannon are along for the fun. Plus, some great comedy talent that you might not recognize (Tom Sharpling, Adam Resnick and show runner Sharon Horgan) are writing and working behind the scenes.

Divorce starts on October 9th.

Finally, I’m all in for The Young Pope, which lots of critics are calling “House of Cardinals” due to its dramatic examination of power, just substitute the Vatican for Washington D.C. Jude Law stars as America’s first Pope and Diane Keaton as the nun who helped him rise to the papacy. While The Young Pope will make its TV debut on Sky Atlantic next month, it won’t be on HBO until early next year. Although we have to wait, I think the drama will be worth it.

The Young Pope will tentatively debut on HBO in February 2017.





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