New Year’s Eve bobcat miracle story!
Alexis Thompson

New Year’s Eve bobcat miracle story!

So there’s this guy — AJ Michaels — in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He was on his way to a New Year’s Eve feast, when he hit a bobcat!

“I thought I killed it,” he tells CBS 5 Action.

(Don’t worry. It gets better.)

He kept driving.  When he arrived at the restaurant, he checked to see if his car was okay.  It was, but two eyes were glowing back at him.

The bobcat survived and was caught in the grill of his truck! Bet it looked something like this…

Bobcats Rebound

Officials tranquilized the scared 7-pound kitty and now he’s hanging out at an animal sanctuary while the shelter waits for test results.  But it appears to be okay.

See, it got better.

Here’s the full story.

And video:

Happy Monday!






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