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Nick Jonas went to therapy after ‘tragic’ awards show performance

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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas went to therapy after he “blacked out” onstage amid an awards show performance seven years ago.

As part of a conversation alongside his brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas for the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard that aired on Monday, the singer-songwriter recalled how he flubbed a guitar solo during Kelsea Ballerini’s rendition of her song Peter Pan at the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards back in April 2016.

“I rehearsed it a million times, I’m feeling really confident about it, not even really thinking about it like it’s a thing that’s going to be problematic,” he recounted. “I started off, it was fine and as I walked towards (Kelsea), I just went completely blank and I hit a wrong note and blacked out basically and clocked that it was wrong and I couldn’t stop.”

Describing the moment as “really tragic”, Nick noted that he still isn’t really sure why he messed up so badly on the day.

“I was rushed to a car and rushed to a plane right after it and I looked at my manager and said, ‘I think that was bad.’ I was in shock, kinda. It was a really traumatic moment that shaped the pressure I put on myself to be perfect and to always be on,” the 30-year-old continued. “Until this day and hours after unpacking it, I can’t really figure out what happened. In retrospect, I can kinda laugh about how big I thought it was. But it did travel more than I wish it would have. And it did cause me to go to therapy.”

Nick is soon to embark on a US tour with his brothers, Joe and Kevin, as the Jonas Brothers in support of their newest record, The Album.

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